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Basic Safety Tips

There are things we all can do to protect our families and ourselves and reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

1. Keep doors on your vehicle locked at all times when driving.
2. Keep seat belts fastened.
3. Do not leave your checkbooks and day planners in your car. If you have to, put them out of sight in the trunk.
4. Do not put your bills with checks in them, in your mailbox for outgoing mail. Drug users are looking for checking account numbers to put on their bogus checks. Give outgoing mail directly to the postman or drop off in the post office.
5. Always lock your home doors when away from home.
6. Always lock your car doors when you leave your vehicle
7. Do not give any financial or personal information to an unknown telephone caller.
8. Form a neighborhood watch and keep an eye on your neighbors' property when they are away
9. Report any and all suspicious activities to law enforcement.
10. If leaving home, make sure someone attends to your home and give it the occupied look by having someone pick up your papers and mail and have normal lighting.
11. When you go out at night, you are always safer with two or more people.
12. Always park your car in a well lit parking lot or street and as close as possible to your destination. Put valuables in your car trunk and/or out of sight.
13. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Do not make it easy for the criminals.
If you become a victim of crime, report it and be willing to testify to give those who commit crime their just rewards.

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