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Child Safety

Our number one concern is the safety of our children. We will provide you with some very important child safety tips on school safety, home safety, bicycle safety, and general safety tips.

If your child is a latch key child, (a child who comes home to an empty house because their parents work full time), you should do the following:
· Make arrangements for a safe house. A location nearby where the child can go if they don’t feel safe.
· If your child goes home and they get a feeling that something isn’t right, for example the door is ajar, or they think someone may be following them, let them know that they should go straight to the safe house location.
· The following are some general safety tips to follow for your children:
· Do not put your child’s name on any clothing or items that the child may be carrying that is visible to the public. Predators often use this information to establish a conversation with your child. If the stranger knows their name, the child may not think of them as a stranger.
· Always be aware of your child’s activities. Know where they are at all times. Know their schedule at school and any field trips they may be going on.
· If your child walks to school, map out a route and know exactly how long it takes them to walk or ride their bike on that route.
· If they ride the bus, know what time the bus leaves and what time the bus arrives at its destination.
· Know who your children’s friends are. Not just their name, their address, their phone numbers, their parent’s names and any other information about that child that may affect your child. Have that list of names and information readily available in the event that you need to do a search for your child.
· Parents should explain to children that they are always to stay away from anyone who calls them to go near their car, even if they offer to take them somewhere exciting.
· Teach your child that if a stranger tries to summon them to a car, to run away immediately.
· Do not EVER leave your children unattended in your vehicle, and NEVER allow children to play in or around vehicles - not even for a minute!
· ALWAYS keep you hands on your child in crowded places. It only takes an instant for your child to disappear from your view.
· Encourage your children to walk and play with friends - they should never go anywhere alone.
· Tell them to avoid places that could possibly be dangerous...vacant apartment buildings, alleys, playgrounds with broken equipment, etc.
· Lock you doors and windows at night. Regularly double check the window to your child’s room and make sure that it is locked. Let you child know that if a stranger comes into their room, to scream loud, non stop until you come to their aid. Teach them to NEVER go willing with any stranger, even if they threaten to hurt you the parent.
· Collect critical information from your child. This would include vital information, such as fingerprints and a DNA sample. This is possible to do on your own.
· The Waynesville Police can furnish you with a finger print card to Waynesville resident parents.
· To collect a DNA sample, you will need two sterile cotton swabs, and two zip lock plastic baggies. Follow the procedure below:
o Rub a clean (sterile if possible) cotton swab on inside of cheek until moist.
o Let cotton swab air dry for twenty-four hours.
o When dry, place cotton swab in a zip-lock bag and seal bag.
o Label with permanent pen - child's name and sample date.
o Save in freezer until needed.
o Follow the same procedure for blood sample. However, wait until child scrapes or cuts him/herself before taking sample.
o You may also save baby teeth in same manner.
o You can also use sterile gauze.

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