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Waynesville Police Internal Affairs Unit

1. Mission:

The purpose and mission of an Internal Affairs Unit is to investigate complaints, protect the public trust and maintain the integrity of the Police Department. The policy of the Waynesville Internal Affairs Unit is to conduct thorough, fair and objective investigations. We are continuously working to build and maintain an active partnership with the community through professionalism and dedication. The partnership between the Police Department and our citizens is what we constantly strive to protect, and it is a responsibility shared by every member of the Police Department.

2. What Does the Internal Affairs Do?

· The Unit receives processes and coordinates all internal and external complaints.
· The Unit investigates all allegations of unnecessary or excessive use of force, allegations of criminal misconduct and allegations of false arrest.
· The Unit conducts a review of all use of force, regardless of whether a complaint has been filed.
· The Unit investigates all allegations of racial profiling or biased based policing.
· The Unit is responsible for reporting to a scene where an officer has discharged their firearm, as well as other serious incidents, and then conducts an investigation to determine if the actions are in compliance with the Department’s policy and procedure guidelines.
· The Unit investigates all allegations of intra-departmental misconduct, such as, sexual harassment and complaints involving a hostile work environment.
· The Unit will submit to the Chief the disposition of the investigation to assist with all discipline and due process procedures.

3. Who is the Internal Affairs Unit?

The Internal Affairs Unit is made up of an officer or officers designated by the Chief of Police or an outside agency, which would report the findings to the Chief of Police.

4. How are Complaints Filed?

Complaints can be made in person, by mail or electronic mail, and by telephone. The complaints should be addressed to the Chief of Police. A complaint involving discourtesy or poor service will generally be forwarded to the officer’s immediate supervisor for investigation. When the complaint investigation is completed the file will be thoroughly reviewed by the Chief of Police. The complainant should be prepared to provide the investigator with witness information and a written or taped statement. This is to better assist the investigating officer or outside agency with their investigation.

5. Is there a Risk When Filing a Complaint?

You will not be subjected to intimidation, retaliation, or any other improper behavior. However, if you intentionally make a false complaint against an officer or employee, you may be prosecuted criminally and/or held civilly liable.

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