Frequently Asked Questions

All solicitors must come to the police department and apply for a solictor’s permit. The application fee is $75/person and it is non-refundable. Once all information is obtained, the application is submitted to the Police Chief for approval. Permits are valid for up to 90 days and only covers the person on the application. The permit MUST be carried on your person when soliciting or you can be charged with soliciting without a permit.

A license forfeiture and/or bench warrant may have been issued so contact the Clerk of Courts at (513) 897-8020 to discuss your options.

We accept cash, check, money order, and credit card payments. Credit card payments over-the-phone or in person incur a 3% convenience fee. Paying your case online with a credit card incurs a little higher fee.

The police department has a Vacation House Request form that needs to be filled out. Stop by and fill it out and the information will be passed on to all officers.

Call the police department first to make sure the report is ready and available; reports can take 7-10 days before they are available.  They cost $4/report and must be paid with cash, check or money order. Once the report is available and the fee is paid, the clerk can make a copy for you.

If you have already been through the police academy and are OPOTA certified, go to the village website at Under the About Us tab, click on Job Opportunities. There you will find an employment application. Fill it out and mail it to the Waynesville Police Department or email it to the police clerk at Along with your application, please submit a cover letter, resume, OPOTA certification, and any additional paperwork that will help further the process.